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Premium Overhead Door Solutions

Titan Overhead Doors are quality products built, sold, and installed for Manitobans looking for a superior overhead door.

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Tough and Reliable Commercial Overhead Doors

Your commercial building needs an overhead door that you can count on for year round reliability as well as safety and protection of your business. We know each company is unique in their overhead door needs and designs and so we offer our clients a wide range of customized door options for their businesses that serve the purpose they need served.

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Service, Repair, and Parts

Your overhead door problem matters to us. Give us a call today about an issue you’re facing with your overhead door and we will have a door professional come to assess and fix the issue.

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Titan Overhead Door Provides Garage Door Installation in Manitoba


If you need a quality overhead door, Titan Overhead Door offers modern garage doors in Manitoba. We've been in business for over 20 years, and we have an experienced team to serve your residential and commercial overhead door needs in Manitoba. We offer superior garage door installation, using only the highest-quality doors manufactured from premium materials. We offer the most modern and technologically advanced garage doors for our residential customers, including wooden garage doors. We provide our commercial customers with durable and reliable overhead doors that continue to function well for many years.

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We also perform garage door repair in Manitoba. We service any overhead door from any installer, and of course, we provide service as needed for the overhead doors that we install. Our reliable, dependable, and experienced technicians can take care of any overhead door needs that you have. We focus on excellent customer service, and we establish lasting relationships with our customers.

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As an overhead garage door service in Manitoba, we offer the most advanced garage door openers in Manitoba. These garage door openers allow you to open and close your garage door with a touch of a button.

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The titan promise

Whether you need a quality overhead door for residential or commercial applications in Manitoba, contact us and we'll show you all the best and most durable overhead door options on the market. Our professionals can install a superior new overheard door or repair an existing one quickly and efficiently.

How We help you

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Modern and advanced garage door technologies and styles to suit a homeowner’s needs.



Functional and durable doors to keep your commercial building operating to its fullest potential and efficiency.

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Repair and Service

Repair and service you can count on to keep your overhead doors operating in smooth fashion.

Our Most Popular Door Brands


Midland Logo, Titan Overhead DoorQuality, value, and service – that’s the Midland Garage Door difference. They take pride in their exceptional workmanship and legendary garage door performance. Tested to last a lifetime, their doors offer beauty, strength and energy efficiency. Midland Garage Doors provide the highest quality doors in the industry. They have superior craftsmanship their doors demonstrate legendary strength and durability.

Carwash Doors

Carwash Doors specializes in products designed and manufactured for some of the worst exposures and applications. Their products are specifically engineered to last longer, operate more reliably, and withstand the rigors of wet, corrosive, and/or dirty environments – perfect for wash bays and car wash stations.

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Titan Overhead Door is a Canadian-grown overhead door company providing premium solutions for commercial and residential overhead door needs. Located in Steinbach, MB the Titan team has been in the industry for over 20 years. Our commitment is to bring you the best and most technologically advanced overhead doors and openers available. We believe in building strong relationships where we can provide you with the best support, product, service, and installation of overhead doors that suit your needs. We want every relationship we establish to be an uplifting experience for generations of homeowners. Continue browsing our website today to get more information on the products we carry and the services we offer.

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